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As a parent, entrusting your child’s education to a school is a significant decision. At Aubrey Montessori School, we welcome your child to join our inclusive and nurturing community, where they will thrive both academically and socially.

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How to Register

If you’ve toured our school before, you should have received registration materials. If anything’s missing, you can download and print it below. All forms must be filled out accurately and promptly returned to us. We need all the necessary information to comply with childcare licensing regulations and create a safe learning environment for your child. Immunization records from your child’s physician are mandatory. If you have questions or concerns about registration, please reach out to us. We’re here to help you.

Dress Code

Aubrey Montessori School’s uniform policy is designed to create an inclusive and fair learning environment for all students. The policy ensures that all students have equal opportunities to learn and interact with each other without distractions, regardless of their socio-economic background.

The school believes that a uniform policy promotes equity and inclusion in the school community and allows the focus to shift back to the joy of learning and shared experiences. The policy creates a safe and welcoming environment for all students to thrive and reach their full potential, offering a fulfilling educational experience to every student regardless of their background. 

School Safety

Parent and pupil of preschool.

For parents

Aubrey Montessori School has constructed the school with a vision to provide a secure and peaceful environment. The safety of the students is our utmost priority, and we take our job seriously.

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Staff training

The staff present at the school has passed strict interview rounds wherein we thoroughly check their background, criminal record, and FBI checks. All the faculty members are trained in CPR.

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Student training

Every new semester, the students are given safety training for emergencies like fire, lockdown, and earthquake drills. It keeps them ready for facing any foreseen events.

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